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Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology

​​​The Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology of Donetsk National University is one of the leading Ukrainian training centres in the field of fundamental and applied mathematics, information and computer technologies, applied statistics, actuarial and financial mathematics, methodology of mathematics and IT target teaching.

Our faculty gives an opportunity tо get modern education, which ensures high competitive ratio on labour market not only in Ukraine, but also on the international level. Today its curricula and specialization ensure ample job opportunities in the fields of science, higher and school education, business, insurance financing and banking institutions, in all application fields of information and computer technologies, the use of mathematical methods applied to engineering calculations in engineering analysis, mining and building industries and also in many other fields.

The faculty consists of 7 departments headed by outstanding scientists.

Characteristic features of mathematical education at classical university as opposed to education received at other institutions of higher education are fundamentality, flexibility, orientation on development of powers to abstract thinking and ability to assimilate new knowledge. Therefore our graduates successfully adapt to most diverse fields and are of high value for such features as breadth and analyticity of thought, developed intuition, ability to find an approach to solve any new problem faster and in more optimal way than other specialists do.

Value of education received at the Faculty of Mathematics as opposed to many fashionable educational directions, does not depend on market fluctuations and is acknowledged in Ukraine and abroad. Annually every seventh graduate of the faculty becomes a postgraduate student of Donetsk National University or of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. Considerable number of graduates receives invitation from abroad for graduate studies or highly paid job in the field of computer technology.

Currently more than 300 graduates of the faculty work abroad for companies which deal with software development, teach at European and the US universities. Among them there are Professors of two US universities, managers of four computer companies in Canada, employees of Microsoft. The graduates of our faculty are top managers of sixteen Ukrainian banks and a majority of insurance companies of the region, they are employed by IT departments of regional universities, they form large team of teachers, laureates of all-Ukrainian teaching competitions. Dmitry Hurtiak — one of the best software developers in the world was the graduate of our faculty.​​