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Department of Higher Mathematics and Mathematics Teaching Methods provides training in two fields: mathematical modeling and teaching mathematics. Within the first specialization staff for research institutes and for higher education establishments is trained. Within the second one school and lyceum teachers are prepared. The department also provides teaching general mathematical disciplines at the faculty of mathematics and information technology, the faculty chemistry and the faculty of biology.

​​​​​​Department of Mathematical Analysis and Differential Equations was formed in 2013 due to a merger of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Functional Theory and the Department of Differential Equations and Differential Geometry. The department conducts research in theory of functions and operator theory areas. PhD and Doctorate programmes are available for students.

Department of Applied Mathematics and Management System Theory provides training in the field of system science and cybernetics in applied mathematics area. Students may specialize in mathematical modeling, information technology and informatics. Research activities are focused on methods, models and information technologies of visual and auditory images recognition and computer management, software development of information systems using relational databases, client-server architecture and web technologies.

Department of Applied Mechanics and Computer Technology provides training for students majoring in computer technology, numerical and analytical methods in applied research. Research activities are focused on development of mathematical methods of studying the strength and stability of thin-walled structures under the effect of power and thermal fields, deformation and stability of motion of the bodies with liquid.

Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics provides training for students specializing in actuarial and financial mathematics and mathematical economics. Research activities are concerned with modeling heuristic and didactic systems, methods for integration of differential equations for rigid body dynamics on invariant manifolds.

Department of Elasticity Theory and Computational Mathematics provides trainings for students majoring in computer modeling, industrial mathematics. A school of theoretical mathematical methods of determining the strength, reliability and destruction of machines, appliances, devices and building and mining constructions was created at the department. Research activities are concerned with theoretical mathematical problems of mechanics of deformable bodies and some adjacent problems of continuum mechanics — mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma.

Department of Information Systems Management provides training for students majoring in Information Management. Graduates are qualified to perform the following functions: informational support of management, accounting, control, analysis, prognosis, planning and providing management decisions.